GORDON CHAPEL virtual exhibition 1834-2004

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Gordon Chapel is not just about bricks and mortar, it is about people and events.  The following is a snapshot of some people and some events.  More can be found in our History section.


Our Founder

Duchess of Gordon

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Revd. James Farquhar

The Revd. James Farquhar was Rector between 1913 and 1926.  The picture to the left was taken in January 1917 and has remained in the Robing Vestry for many years.


Revd. Michael Wolfe

The institution of the Revd. Michael Wolfe to the charge.  Front from left Bishop A.B. Burrows, Revd. M.M. Wolfe, Bishop Duncan McInnes, Very Revd. Dean C.A.E. Wolfe.  Back row, Mr J. Smart, Revd. K. Ferguson (Bishop's Chaplain), Mr G. Brown, Mr W.A. Baxter.

Pictures courtesy of Bunty Jamieson

Late 1950s

Members of the congregation in the late 1950s; from left Mr W.A. Baxter, Mrs J. Brander, Mr J. McArthur, Mrs Wolfe, Revd. Michael Wolfe, Janet Jamieson, the Dowager Duchess of Northumberland

Pictures courtesy of Bunty Jamieson

Nativity Play





Pictures courtesy of Margaret Forsyth



Sunday School 1986

Picture includes Janet Clark (back right), Benedict, Amy and Calum Stewart and Fiona and Ruth Forsyth


Picture courtesy of Margaret Forsyth


Flower Festival 1986

Fiona and Ruth Forsyth in front of the altar during the Flower Festival in 1986.

Picture courtesy of Margaret Forsyth

Retirement of 
Revd. Hamish Duncan April 1998

Presentation on the occasion of the retirement of Revd. Hamish Duncan, April 1998.  From left, Mrs Bunty Jamieson, Mr James Sugden, Mrs Elizabeth Duncan, Mrs Janet Philpott, Mr Gordon Baxter, Revd. Hamish Duncan.

Picture courtesy of Bunty Jamieson

May 1999

The collation of Revd. John Evans (centre) as Rector of Gordon Chapel by the Very Revd. Michael Hickford, Dean of the Moray, Ross and Caithness (centre left).


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